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POKE AROUND @ Da Kikokiko



@ Da Kikokiko, Runway Playa Vista

Brooke Williamson


You know her. You love her. Now you can eat Poke with her. If you watch Top Chef, you’ve probably daydreamed about Brooke Williamson cooking you up some of her award winning food. But more than that, you probably just want to hang out with her. A born and bred Angeleno, Brooke’s food lives in the space between easy and crazy imaginative. Everything she creates is fresh, soulful, and just a good time.

Together with her husband, co-chef, and co-owner, Nick Roberts, the husband and wife team have built a mini empire surrounding Playa Vista that includes The Tripel, Playa Provisions, and the culinary retail boutique Tripli-Kit in Playa del Rey. Since October 2016, their fifth concept, a breezy Hawaiian spot called Da Kikokiko (literally: The Spot) has been serving up aloha in the form of Hawaii’s most popular street foods: shave ice, poke, and musubi. (*For Top Chef fans: Da Kikokiko also received Hawaiian chef and fan favorite, Sheldon Simeon’s stamp of approval.)

What better way to catch up with Brooke then to watch her whip up a bowl?


So why poke?
For years travelling through Hawaii, I always loved Poke and it was something I just gravitated towards. I mean it’s really the kind of food I crave on a daily basis. I keep thinking I’m going to get sick of eating at Da Kikokiko and it’s really convenient I haven’t. I eat it all the time. My husband and I will literally be sitting at home trying to figure out what we want to do for dinner and find ourselves on UberEats delivering our own food to ourselves.

Why is poke so damn craveable?
Because it feels light, it doesn’t feel like it weighs you down, and it feels like something you can eat everyday and feel great about. I travel so much and I eat so much junk. When I come home, I really just want to eat clean and I feel like poke is a really delicious way to eat clean. 


What goes in your bowl?
What I want to eat vs. what I often eat is kind of a health decision. The poke bowl that I want to eat everyday is our yellowfin tuna with spicy mayo on top of sushi rice. But what I generally end up eating is a kind of traditional shoyu bowl with a couple of things added to it over kale, or mixed greens. 

You guys really like Playa.
Playa Vista feels like not only one of the most convenient places on earth, but also just a really lovely atmosphere and neighborhood. People say hi to each other. It feels like its own little planet. And it feels like the kind of place that you could almost never leave. (And often, I don’t.) It’s the Whole Foods I go to. It’s the movie theater I go to. It just feels like the most convenient place on Earth. 

Aloha Apetit.

Erica Tuomi