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SLOW JAM @ The Studio (MDR)



@ The Studio (MDR)

Lisa Hirsch


Don’t play it safe. If there’s one core piece of advice The Studio (MDR) founder Lisa Hirsch has learned, it’s that without risk there are no rewards. Former music exec, she traded high stress for high impact, and created a workout that mixes Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core and Flexibility training. Always a fitness junkie, she was inspired by the Lagree method to create a boutique fitness studio totally her own. 

A workout @ The Studio (MDR) is based on an extremely slow 4-count movement and a ride on the Megaformer, a machine that guides you to activate your deepest burn.


After lots of hard work and determination, Lisa built her third dream studio at Runway, Playa Vista. The Studio (MDR) is her largest studio to date with 16 Megaformers housed inside a light-filled space that feels as positive and inspiring as the workout. 

Lisa loves being part of Runway. “Where else can you workout, have lunch, get a blowout, then go see a movie without moving your car?” But what really makes Playa Vista the perfect home base for Lisa is the community. “It’s all about the people. Though Runway is still very new, the community seems to be tight-knit. Our clients who live in Playa are all very family oriented, warm and fitness driven.”

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