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@ YouTube, Runway Playa Vista

Lindsey Fell


A music lover all her life, Lindsey Fell is passionate about reinventing the music industry in the digital age. Over at YouTube’s innovative campus in Playa Vista, we caught up with Lindsey to go deeper about music, life, and the future. 

This is an incredible space (pun intended).

One of the coolest things about our campus in Playa Vista is that it’s home to YouTube Space LA, one of our 11 global production facilities we call “YouTube Spaces.” The old Hughes facilities in Playa are perfect for us. In a city like LA where space is at a premium, I love that we can have a resource like that next door to our offices. We’re constantly hosting events, having creators by for shoots and people just love visiting - there’s always something going on.


Are you having fun working over here in Playa?
My husband and I fell in love with the area long ago and have lived in Playa del Rey for the last 6 years. It has been crazy to watch the area grow and see so many great restaurants and businesses move in. I also couldn’t ask for a better commute - our house is 15 minutes down the Ballona Creek path via bike, so I try to ride into the office a few days a week. We have a great lawn behind our office that looks out at the Bluff Creek Trail; it’s so quiet that it doesn’t even feel like LA.

How would you describe LA’s music scene?
Booming and diverse! Every night of the week (and often multiple times in the same night) there’s great music to watch from artists of all sizes and genres. I grew up in northern Florida and spent so much of my teenage years driving 6 hours either way to Atlanta or Miami to see bands that I loved. No matter your size, if you’re an artist who is serious about having a career in music, you cannot ignore LA. It’s really special.


What’s inspiring your eardrums lately? 
I listen to pretty much anything and everything but I have been completely fascinated by the explosion of Latin music this year. YouTube has played a significant role in Latin music’s growth. Despacito became the #1 most-viewed video of all time this year and was the first video in YouTube history to reach 4 billion views (it took only 272 days), which is just insane.

It’s a crazy time for all media. Where do you see the digital music industry headed?
The music industry is changing so quickly right now and every day is different; it’s definitely the most exciting time I can remember since I began my career. With so much competition, artists have to be more creative than ever to break through, and we’re all reaping the benefits of that. I am always thinking back to when I was a kid and wondering what it would’ve been like to be able to discover so much music and so quickly! I feel like we’re entering a golden age of both music and TV right now, which makes YouTube a pretty cool place to work.

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