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SPACE TO THRIVE @ Thrive Market HQ



@ Thrive Market HQ, Playa Vista

Nick Green


When Nick Green, co-founder of Thrive Market, moved into Thrive’s first office in Playa Vista, he just needed some space to lay the groundwork for his dream. “We thought it was crazy that highly processed, unhealthy products cost less in this country than simple, healthy, organic food,” said Nick. “Our mission is to change that! 

We want to make healthy living easy and affordable for every American family.”

Thrive outgrew their first office on Jefferson in less than a year. But they loved the area so much that they found another space –– 10x bigger –– less than a mile away.

“It’s amazing to see how the area has transformed. More and more startups are coming to Playa Vista where they can get more space compared to Venice or Santa Monica, great local amenities, and an increasingly cool startup scene.”

As a diverse community of start-ups continues to spread across Playa Vista, Nick feels the momentum building. “I think Silicon Beach will continue extending south, with Marina del Rey and Playa Vista the next hubs. It’s really exciting because it draws talented entrepreneurs and engineers into the area, and as companies start to have successful exits, many of the people will want to stay, so the money is going to flow back into West LA real estate and businesses. We’ve seen that happen in a big way in Venice already over the last ten years, and Playa Vista is next.”


As Nick showed us around Thrive’s lively HQ in Playa, he shared some insights into his passion for healthy eating. “Growing up, we were the family on the block that had no sugar cereal and didn’t drink diet soda. Organic wasn’t really a viable option at that time for a middle class family in Minneapolis, MN, but my mom always did whatever she could to make our meals healthy. Sometimes we forget in California how endemic these problems are - diabetes, obesity, hypertension.”

Thrive set out to figure out how to get healthy food into the hands of more Americans. They came up with a subscription method where customers pay an annual membership fee allowing Thrive to offer organic food at lower prices than what traditional grocers can offer. With every regular membership sold, Thrive Market also sponsors a membership for a low-income family. Groceries get delivered right to your door, giving you more time to get out there.

Nick gazed out the window and spoke to us about what inspired him about building a business in Silicon Beach. “Southern California is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The ability to be part of a tech hub in a place that also happens to have amazing hiking, surfing, and just an all around outdoor lifestyle is truly unique. It creates an amazing vibe where people are working incredibly hard and ambitious about doing big things, yet they’re also happy, healthy, and living balanced lives.”

Some might say, they are thriving. 

Erica Tuomi