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Women's Self Defense Workshop

  • Runway Playa Vista 94 Runway Playa Vista 12746 West Jefferson Boulevard Suite 4 - 145 Playa Vista (map)

Join us for a complimentary Women's Self Defense Workshop led by Shield Women's Self Defense! This workshop is meant to teach you how to defend yourself from a predator through education + hands-on trainng from SHIELD Women's Self Defense, a local business that offers many types of self defense classes for girls + women!

About SHIELD Women's Self Defense System ®
Since 2003, SHIELD Women's Self Defense System ® empowers women and girls by training them on how to fight back a much stronger opponent in close-range situations. Unlike other self defense or martial arts, SHIELD emphasizes on using leverage and lower body strength to generate power.  Based on a mixture of martial arts principles, self-defense and street  fighting skills, SHIELD Women's Self Defense System was created exclusively for women & girls. 

The logic is simple, to get used to something, we first have to experience it. We can't swim without going in the water. The difference between fear and terror is in knowing what to do. When we know what to do, fear is a motivation ally. When we don't know what to do, or have never experienced it, we will freeze in terror because we have no clear goal on how to respond. The difference is in the TRAINING! 

Come to the SBPG FREE Workshop to find out why.

SHIELD Women's Self Defense System is THE BEST! 

**Be advised that filming will take place during this event**

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